Soundscape projects was featured in the news of OTV.

Friday February 8th, 2019

On 7th February, the soundscape study by Nick was reported in the news program of Okinawa Television. The acoustic recorders are deployed at various sites on the Okinawa main island, and are used for monitoring soundscape ecology. Soundscape include not only natural sounds such as bird and insect calls but also artificial sounds such as […]

Red Imported Fire Ants of Taiwan

Tuesday October 30th, 2018

We visited Taiwan for the research of Red Imported Fire Ant in Taiwan. Not to be stung. The safety issue is always important for us, but… Yoshi got several this time (T_T) when he tried to collect alates from colony. They are very good fighters and succeed to break into from our cuff… (-_-)

Dr. Nick’s Special Class on Soundscapes

Thursday October 25th, 2018

Do you know what Soundscape means? The environment around us is full of sounds.  If you stand near a waterfall in the forest, what kind of sounds do you hear? You might hear the sounds of a waterfall, song of birds and insects, and human voices. If you strain your ears, you can catch the […]

Giving a seminar on the “OKEON Churamori Project” and ant databasing at the Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo

Saturday February 17th, 2018

A workshop for curators of Japan was held at the Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo and was coordinated by the West Japan Natural History Museum Network and the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo. Masashi Yoshimura (Yoshi), the OKEON Churamori Project coordinator, was invited to present a seminar to introduce the […]

Learning how to make resin-encapsulated specimens

Saturday February 10th, 2018

We learned that the curator of the Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo, Dr. Mitsuhashi, will be holding a resin-encapsulated specimen preparation course at the Okinawa prefectural museum. We took the opportunity to invite him to OIST to give a lecture on the same topic for the staff of the Okinawa Prefecture Environmental […]