Prince Akishino Visits Arilab

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On November 14, 2016, His Imperial Highness attended the Joint Meeting of the International Congress of Zoology and the Zoological Society of Japan and visited the OIST campus, including the Economo Lab. Evan gave an overview of our lab research, including ant phylogenies, GABI/, the OKEON Churamori project, studying ant morphology with micro-CT, invasive ants […]

OKEON Churamori Project on radio again

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OKEON Churamori project’s coordinator Dr. Yoshimura was interviewed as part of a FM Naha’s radio program “Magical Mystery Tour”. He talk about the project and how it had evolved since last year’s kick-off. This is the second radio interview with Typhoon FM and it lasted for an hour. 161029吉村正志/沖縄科学技術大学院大学OIST 生物多様性・複雑性研究ユニット 2016年10月29日 更新

Ryukyu Shinpo Spin-Off Event in collaboration with OIST

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Following on from the success of Dr Yoshimura’s column in the Ryukyu Shinpo, OIST hosted a joint event on Sunday 31st July featuring Dr Yoshimura himself. Attendees were able to meet Dr Yoshimura, listen to his experiences as a researcher both in Japan and overseas in the USA, and learn how to use a magnifying […]

Tricks to find creatures: Yoshi’s 3rd column in Ryukyu Shinpo

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Tricks to find creatures (Written by Masashi Yoshimura, translated by OIST) It’s become more frequent for me to go deep into forests in Okinawa since I joined the natural environmental research called OKEON Project. Throughout Japan, there are approximately 300 ant species, of which one-third of them inhabit on the main island of Okinawa. One […]

Yoshi’s monthly columns at the Ryukyu Shinpo

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Our staff scientist, Dr. Masashi Yoshimura, writes a monthly column for Ryukyu Shinpo on the topics of ants and the OKEON project. In the first column, Yoshi introduced the subjects of ants on Okinawa as well as the OKEON project. He also gave a brief history of how he first came about studying ants. Below […]


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