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Surf and Turf: How Land Use in Okinawa Affects the Ocean

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According to a recent survey from the Japanese environment ministry, over 70% of coral in the Sekisei lagoon – Japan’s largest reef located between the Okinawan islands of Ishigaki and Iriomote – has died from bleaching. While increasing ocean temperatures are the leading cause of coral bleaching, soil and pollutant runoff from the land also […]

Nago Science Festa

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OKEON Churamori project will be collaborating with a group of museum curators to set up a booth at the Nago Science Festa 2017, which is taking place this coming Saturday, January 28. The title of the booth will be “In touch with nature”, and will include an insect card game set up by the OKEON […]

OKEON awarded Biodiversity Action Award Japan

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Researchers working as part of the OKEON Churamori project received the “Biodiversity Action Award Japan” for their continued efforts to monitor the terrestrial environment of Okinawa and to conduct research for promoting biodiversity conservation. The prize was awarded by the United Nations Japan; this year marks the fourth year in a 10-year initiative to promote […]

Happy New Year! The First Rooster Call of 2017

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On a small farm near the botanical garden in Okinawa City, a rooster sang its first song of 2017 – the “year of the rooster”. His was the first song of the dawn chorus, a daily event that arouses every type of bird sound on the island of Okinawa – from the sweet melody of […]


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