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Insect Sampling with OKEON Churamori Project

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Video Producer, Director and Editor: Linda Iha Script and Starring: Dr. Masashi Yoshimura Video Production Assistant and Translation: Aina Urano Video Production Assistant: Masako Ogasawara (Click here or on the picture to watch the video) OKEON Chura-mori Project: what is it? Simply put, it is an environmental monitoring project in Okinawa, Japan, funded by OIST, […]

University collaboration: OIST and the University of the Ryukyus

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For any given project, strong collaboration is often the key to success. An important collaboration partner for the OKEON Chura-mori project is the University of the Ryukyus (Ryudai). The Economo Unit at OIST hosts bi-annual joint lab meetings with their counterpart at Ryudai. These meetings have been great for establishing joint interests and combining specialist […]

Museum Is a Time Capsule: A Step Towards the Future- An Essay by Masashi Yoshimura

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Museum Is a Time Capsule: A Step Toward the Future (Written by Masashi Yoshimura, Translated by OIST Media Section) This summer, we have been working on the exhibition with the theme, “OKEON Churaumi Project” at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum. Of course, it is my first experience to create a full-fledged exhibition at a museum with […]

Working with World Heritage Sites: A rare opportunity to enter the protected world of Sefa Utaki

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For research involving fieldwork, locations are crucial. Each location has to be considered carefully from a scientific perspective in order to collect the appropriate data. However, beyond the science, there are many other considerations. What are the characteristics of the location? Who is in charge of the land? What is it used for? Each location […]

Ryukyu Shinpo Spin-Off Event in collaboration with OIST

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Following on from the success of Dr Yoshimura’s column in the Ryukyu Shinpo, OIST hosted a joint event on Sunday 31st July featuring Dr Yoshimura himself. Attendees were able to meet Dr Yoshimura, listen to his experiences as a researcher both in Japan and overseas in the USA, and learn how to use a magnifying […]


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