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A visit from Naha Kokusai High School

By jhjanicki on Monday,April 24th, 2017 in Education, Outreach, Visit, No Comments

When the Naha Kokusai High School visited OIST, it was an opportunity for us to introduce to them the OKEON Churamori Project. The students visiting this time around do not have a science background. However, conservation can also be approached from an economic perspective, as it is a crucial aspect for sustaining tourism. Particularly, it […]

High school-University collaborative research for the OKEON Churamori Project

By jhjanicki on Wednesday,March 29th, 2017 in Ants, Collaboration, Collecting, Education, No Comments

OKEON Churamori Project continues to collaborate with local high school. We came up with an ant survey kit that teachers can use as part of their classes. We provide this new educational tool to the teachers and help them manage their projects. Once the teachers complete their projects they donate the specimens, which become part […]

Open day at the Tamagusuku Youth & Children’s Center

By jhjanicki on Tuesday,March 28th, 2017 in Collaboration, Education, Outreach, No Comments

OKEON Churamori Project’s field network is supported by many cooperating organizations. One of the field sites is located at the Tamagusuku Youth & Children’s Center in Nanjo City. The Youth Center was holding an Open Day on Sunday, March 12th, and they had kindly asked the OKEON Churamori Project to participate in the event in […]

Team Uchina Ichimushi is on the move!

By jhjanicki on Monday,March 6th, 2017 in Collaboration, Education, No Comments

Uchina Ichimushi means “Okinawa’s animals” in Okinawa’s dialect. Team Uchina Ichimushi was founded based on the concept: “why don’t we get together and organize events with local museums and educational facilities that are enthusiastic about environmental education?” Of course, we, the OKEON Churamori Project, is also part of the team. The team is a real […]

Nago Science Festa

By jhjanicki on Friday,January 27th, 2017 in Biodiversity, Collaboration, Education, Exhibition, News, Outreach, No Comments

OKEON Churamori project will be collaborating with a group of museum curators to set up a booth at the Nago Science Festa 2017, which is taking place this coming Saturday, January 28. The title of the booth will be “In touch with nature”, and will include an insect card game set up by the OKEON […]


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