Giving a seminar on the “OKEON Churamori Project” and ant databasing at the Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo

By okeon_admin on Saturday,February 17th, 2018 in Ants, Collaboration, Education, Exhibition, Visit, No Comments

A workshop for curators of Japan was held at the Museum of Nature and Human Activities in Hyogo and was coordinated by the West Japan Natural History Museum Network and the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo. Masashi Yoshimura (Yoshi), the OKEON Churamori Project coordinator, was invited to present a seminar to introduce the […]

Nago Science Festa

By okeon_admin on Friday,January 27th, 2017 in Biodiversity, Collaboration, Education, Exhibition, News, Outreach, No Comments

OKEON Churamori project will be collaborating with a group of museum curators to set up a booth at the Nago Science Festa 2017, which is taking place this coming Saturday, January 28. The title of the booth will be “In touch with nature”, and will include an insect card game set up by the OKEON […]

Opening ceremony for the 41st exhibition at the Okinawa Municipal Museum

By okeon_admin on Tuesday,November 1st, 2016 in Collaboration, Exhibition, OKEON update, Outreach, No Comments

While the streets were bustling with Halloween-related activities on October 31, the opening event to the 41st exhibition of the Okinawa municipal museum titled “The entrance to Yanbaru – Nature of Okinawa City” (やんばるの入り口 沖縄市の自然) was also taking place. The exhibition aims to present the results of a five year survey conducted by the Okinawa […]

OKEON Churamori Project presented at International Congress of Entomology 2016

By okeon_admin on Wednesday,October 19th, 2016 in Biodiversity, Conference, Exhibition, Outreach, Research, No Comments

The nearly one-week long XXV International Congress of Entomology, under the theme Entomology without Borders, took place in Orlando this year from September 25-30. It brought together the largest delegation of scientists and experts in the history of the discipline with over 7000 participants and over 2000 talks, with topics ranging from biodiversity conservation to […]

OKEON Chura-mori Project Exhibition is coming to the Okinawan Prefectural Museum & Art Museum

By okeon_admin on Thursday,July 14th, 2016 in Biodiversity, Collaboration, Education, Exhibition, No Comments

This summer at the Okinawan Prefectural Museum, OKEON (Okinawa Environmental Observation Network) Chura-mori Project will be hosting a stall to showcase their activity. OKEON is a network which monitors the terrestrial environment of Okinawa, involving researchers at OIST, the local community, and collaborators at universities, museums and schools. The exhibition will allow people to gain […]


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